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The search for the most appropriate Executives, Experts or Board Members is a core problem for companies that dwell in today’s largely globalised economy.

In light of this, Progress is an active part of the IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide network since 1994.

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide was established more than thirty years ago. It is an international network of independent Executive Search Companies, covering 34 countries. It ranks in the top ten biggest networks in the world for Executive Search.

IIC Partners’ members are all independent companies, often leaders of their markets. The spirit of the network members and the sharing of their skills allows for a bespoke service to every client, national, regional and international alike.

IIC Partners searches for executives through ten practices: Financial Services, Technology & Digital, Media & Telecoms, Energy, Consumer & Retail, Biology & Healthcare, Industry, Boards, Education, Infrastructure and Managements. In each of those Practices, specialists of the field from the entire network share their resources to offer the best possible service.

For its clients, IIC Partners is able to mobilize the entirety of its resources and skills to complete its missions of Executive Search.

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  • The Changing Skill Set of the C-Suite 28 June 2022
    What does it take to be an effective leader? A decade ago, the answer would have been technical knowledge, experience across the c-suite, business acumen, and the ability to make tough decisions. Today’s answer looks different. Executives still need technical knowledge and business savvy. However,…

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  • Purpose is Power: IIC Partners Global Meeting 20 May 2022
    IIC Partners recently met in Lisbon for its Global Meeting, bringing together search firms from across the world for a three-day event to reflect on the current state of the executive search industry, to share best practices and to discuss opportunities for business development. Our…


  • Executive Recruitment in a “Never Normal” Era 21 April 2022
    The term “Never Normal” was recently coined by Ira S. Wolfe, a prominent commentator and author of “Recruiting in the Age of Googlization,” Wolfe argues that we live in a time when change happens at a much faster pace than before and we must always be…


  • Recruiting Executives in a Candidate Driven Market 21 February 2022
    We don’t live in the same world we lived in two years ago. Fueled by the pandemic and rapidly shifting economic conditions, the world has experienced dramatic changes in a very short period of time. As a result, the rules of recruiting aren’t the same….


  • Biotech Talent Management – An Industry of Major Growth 16 February 2022
    IIC Partners interviewed 10 senior executives from leading organizations across the world in the Biotech sector to identify recruitment trends.  What was discovered was an industry of major growth.  This white paper discusses: Areas of Innovation, including Artificial Intelligence, Gene Editing and Big Data Digitization,…


  • Workplace Flexibility 26 January 2022
    Workplace Flexibility: What It Means for Your Business When it comes to the workplace, flexibility is not just a buzzword. It’s an integral part of how people operate in today’s society. At a time of technological advances and ever-changing demographics, workplace flexibility has become a…


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