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The search for the most appropriate Executives, Experts or Board Members is a core problem for companies that dwell in today’s largely globalised economy.

In light of this, Progress is an active part of the IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide network since 1994.

IIC Partners Executive Search Worldwide was established more than thirty years ago. It is an international network of independent Executive Search Companies, covering 34 countries. It ranks in the top ten biggest networks in the world for Executive Search.

IIC Partners’ members are all independent companies, often leaders of their markets. The spirit of the network members and the sharing of their skills allows for a bespoke service to every client, national, regional and international alike.

IIC Partners searches for executives through ten practices: Financial Services, Technology & Digital, Media & Telecoms, Energy, Consumer & Retail, Biology & Healthcare, Industry, Boards, Education, Infrastructure and Managements. In each of those Practices, specialists of the field from the entire network share their resources to offer the best possible service.

For its clients, IIC Partners is able to mobilize the entirety of its resources and skills to complete its missions of Executive Search.

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  • IIC Partners Appoints New Global Practice Group Leaders 14 January 2021
    IIC Partners Appoints New Global Practice Group Leaders The new Practice Group Leaders are Romain Girard for Financial Services and Nicole Sandford for Board Search New York, NY – January 14, 2021 – IIC Partners ( Executive Search Worldwide, one of the world’s top ten…

    Erika Byrnison

  • How Executive Search Firms Shape Culture 15 December 2020
    “Our job is not limited to finding the best possible candidate: we believe that an executive search consultancy can and should have a vital impact on shaping a successful company culture.” — Michael Eckert, CEO, Höchsmann & Company A culture that promotes diversity and inclusion,…

    Erika Byrnison

  • Considering Culture During CEO Succession Planning 8 December 2020
    Changing CEO can cause significant anxiety among employees due to the inherent uncertainty of changing the top leadership position. There may be concerns that career aspirations or ways of working will be disrupted, and levels of trust and employee engagement can be impacted. However, by…

    Chris Savor

  • Onboarding Strategy For Senior Executives 1 December 2020
    Onboarding accelerates the assimilation of new hires into senior leadership roles and integrates executives in a more structured and effective way. By strategically immersing new leaders into the culture, businesses empower teams for long term success. In our research, we discovered many ways that organizations…

    Chris Savor

  • How To Evaluate The Culture Fit of Executive Candidates 13 November 2020
    Executive search firms play a significant role in helping organizations create and maintain a productive and healthy culture by placing the right people in the right roles. To excel in this task, search firms must accurately evaluate both the hiring organization and potential candidates to…

    Chris Savor

  • IIC Partners Appoints New Board Directors During AGM & Global Conference 5 November 2020
    IIC Partners elects two new members to its Board of Directors  New York, NY – November 5, 2020 – IIC Partners ( Executive Search Worldwide, one of the world’s top ten global executive search organisations, announces the appointment of two new Directors to its Board….

    Chris Savor

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