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Jean-François Phan Van Phi

Senior Advisor

Jean-François PHAN VAN PHI, senior advisor Progress Associés

Jean-François Phan Van Phi is part of our team of Senior Advisors. They support the firm in its strategic positioning and contribute to the development of new offers and the strengthening of the network.

Professional Experience

JF Phan Van Phi is a consultant in change management and governance for corporations and charitable organizations. He has extensive experience, including that of a regulator-approved “responsible person” in financial institutions in France and internationally, where he has held numerous positions in sales, operations, risk, management and transformation functions for close to thirty years.

In this regard, he has been Chairman of credit, financial provision and operational risk committees. Between 2013 and 2015, he conducted remediation programs and managed the creation and implementation of anti-money laundering programs for the Trade, Receivables Finance and Guarantees Business line of HSBC. In 2015, he was appointed Regional Head of Risk (Governance, Risk & Compliance), GTRF Europe for HSBC.

JF Phan Van Phi has also been a board member or Chairman on the boards of directors / supervisory boards of various subsidiaries of large corporations and / or charities in France and Europe since 2003. He is presently Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Entreprendre Pour Apprendre Île-de-France”, a French charity, and a Senior Advisor for a company specializing in B2B services. He has assisted several organizations and professional associations in the revamping of their governance and has participated in several appraisals of boards of directors.


Banking / Finance

Risk and compliance



JF Phan Van Phi holds degrees from HEC, Sciences Po Paris, Sorbonne Paris (B.A. History) and the Institute of Directors (London). Since 2009, he has been the Secretary of the HEC Alumni Club on Corporate Governance – Directors and Executives. He also co-coordinated a Book of 100+ testimonials on Corporate Governance by HEC Alumni (in French, Humensis editor, oct. 2020).

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