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Consumer & Retail

For over 50 years, Progress Associés has supported executives and shareholders in the retail, consumer products and beauty and luxury industries.

Adaptability, a major concern for executives dealing with a fast-paced development

Today more than ever, the quality of governance and managerial teams as well as their capacity to adapt are of key importance to stay ahead in swiftly-changing markets.
Performing well while reinventing the business model requires agility and an openness to innovation and audacity, to design, initiate and drive projects for the future.

We do everything we can to provide the highest quality services and results for our clients in the Consumer & Retail lines of business.

Our expert knowledge clusters

Innovative client experience

We are aware of the importance of new consumer expectations, with consumers paying more heed to environmental issues and requiring the implementation of ambitious CSR policies.


We harness technological development and the advent of digital which continue to transform the entire value chain from brand management and the customer experience to the distribution channels and supply chain.


The explosion of e-commerce is forcing brick-and-mortar retail to reinvent itself to provide innovative, high-premium customer experiences combining products and services.

Progress Associés makes a lasting contribution to the construction of your organisations

A unique combination of skills

The Progress Associés Consumer & Retail Practice team draws on a unique combination of operational experiences in managerial roles in B2C, as well as in-depth practice in identifying and assessing managerial teams and board directors.

Well-reputed digital expertise

In partnership with the Technology team, the Consumer & Retail team empowers our clients to hire or promote talent capable of tackling major changes in the industry, particularly related to the digitalisation of products and services.

Tailored solutions

Our size, expertise, flexibility and inter-practice cooperation at Progress Associés means we can provide our clients with custom approaches and solutions based on our knowledge of various markets.
As a member of the international network IIC Partners, we can also support our clients internationally.

Jean-Marc DANTON

Consumer & Retail Practice Leader

Marie-Dominique CHAPUIS

Practice Consumer & Retail


Executive Search

Present in almost all sectors of economic activity, Progress Associés develops its sectoral expertise through practices led by Partners.

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