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Leadership Advisory

Consulting in Leadership

Leadership Advisory

Consulting in Leadership


Progress Associés’ Leadership Advisory offer was formed in 1996 by Frédérique Deriquehem and is now an important part of our business.

  • Contribute to overall performance by developing talents and organisations.
  • Managerial due diligence, management auditing, succession plans, executive committee coaching.

An approach based on best practices and inspired by different points of view to:

  •  Support the rapprochement of several firms and optimise C-suite positioning,
  • Support changes in shareholders and strategy,
  • Contribute to the definition of targets and vision when a new governance is put in place.


Taking transformations into account

Understanding both strong and weak signals in the transformation of companies and sectors as well as the transformation of leadership.

Providing executives with the best means to succeed

Carefully measuring each person’s motivation and desire to contribute to a new project: the aggregation of this information allows us to quickly position executives in the best way possible and contribute to the overall success of the company.

Ethics and complementary viewpoints

Ensuring an ethical approach anchored in strong listening skills: the attention of two consultants guarantees sincerity and accurate interpretations of statements

Avoiding bias

Balancing perspectives and opinions while avoiding any bias in order to determine and define an individual’s potential


A method based on an initial interview and a feedback interview to:

  • Gather information, and provide information in return, to foster trust and openness with the person interviewed: an interactive experience is created with the executive; he/she is in a position to compare his/her perception with that of the collective in the feedback interview,
  • Take each person’s viewpoint into consideration to create an inclusive environment.

Highlighting the best talents

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