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Progress Associés was founded with the conviction that diversity, both within our organization and at our clients’ companies, is a core value and essential element for success.

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Our commitment to diversity is a fundamental part of our DNA, and we are honored to join 4,100 fellow signatories of the Diversity Charter in the fight against discrimination and in the promotion of diversity within our firm and with our clients.

A strong and embodied belief

Our belief is that diversity represents a key element in driving economic and social performance. Placing it at the heart of our strategy nourishes our creativity and increases our competitiveness

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Diversity is a company’s strength

A guiding principle

We are convinced that diverse teams are a key to a company’s long-term success. As such, our mission is to :

  • Develop a diversity of talents internally by giving opportunities to individuals from different backgrounds.
  • Promote gender equality in the workplace and insure pay equity for equal work. Our partnership structure is also a reflection of our commitment to gender balance.
  • Raise awareness of diversity, equity and inclusion among our employees.

Shared convictions

Beyond our own organization, Progress Associés is committed to promoting :

  • Diversity within our clients’ companies, in the context of our executive search and advisory work. Progress does not discriminate based on age, sex, nationality, religion, origin, place of residence, sexual orientation, physical appearance, handicap or membership or non-membership of a union or political party.
  • A culture of embracing differences and recognizing each individual’s potential.

About the Diversity Charter

The Diversity Charter was created in 2004, and today has over 4,100 signatories (companies, public bodies, associations, local authorities, etc.). It can be signed by any employer wishing to take a proactive approach to diversity, going beyond the legal framework of the fight against discrimination to make diversity a strategic priority.

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