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Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ)

Doing Executive Search is proactively recruiting Senior Executives, Managers, Board Members or Experts. Executive Search is commonly known as “headhunting”.

What is a Board?

It is a governing body that is composed of persons who represent the shareholders. Depending on the articles of the company, it can either be a board of directors or a supervisory board. Members of the board are generally appointed for a five year period.

Board often have to assess their internal working. By example, they can answer a Q&A if necessary. Progress will facilitate these endeavours and will analyse the results with efficiency and confidentiality.

The Cope-Zimmerman law (n°2011-103 of January the 27th 2011) is about how men and women are to be represented equally in board of directors or supervisory boards and in the workplace in general. It makes it mandatory to have each sexes represented equally. In 2017, 40% of a board has to be comprised of women.

Retainer fees refer to the amount that is supposed to be paid at the beginning of any assignment. Most of the time, another amount will be paid when the short-list is proposed. The final amount is paid when the candidate is chosen.

It means that the appointed firm is the sole company working on the assignment. Progress only accepts exclusive assignments.

It is for any person who asks for it. It is done by a certified professional chosen by the client himself. Coaching can never be mandatory.

Highlighting the best talents

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