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Recruitment of Senior Executives & Board Members

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Progress has been at the forefront of the Executive Search industry in France since its inception in 1971. Specialized in the recruitment of senior executives and board members, it aims to offer the best to its clients. Progress Associés is headed by Jean-Marc Danton.

Beyond executive search consulting, Progress has also developed a consulting service to meet the needs of top executives and human resources departments during periods of corporate change (mergers, change of strategy, shareholders, etc.).

Progress is well represented on the international scene as one of IIC Partners, covering nearly forty countries in Europe, Asia and America.

Progress “business-model”
Progress intervenes seven Practices to ensure its clients of a premium service in sector-based expertise. Each team of experts uses their in-depth knowledge to the direct benefit of their clients – how firms in each sector operate, what the specific profiles within the business are and where to find the key players.

Progress Commitment
Progress’ commitment is to enhance the skills of corporate management and so contribute to their improved performance, enhance the skills of individual men and women, thus contributing to their ability to take on greater responsibilities and attain greater professional achievement and personal satisfaction.

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