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Progress Honorary Chairman

Message from Alain PRESTAT

Since its inception, Progress has had two goals: to upgrade the overall quality of management companies in order to help them improve their performance and, simultaneously, to help men and women access new, more fulfilling responsibilities.

Today, Progress is one of the key players in the French market of Executive Search and management resources consulting. Our goal is that the relationship with our clients be based on trust.

Companies work in an ever more competitive environment. They need us to accompany them as they drive forward; they need us to highlight the most talented managers and attract them. We can do precisely this through the skills, methods and tools we have developed and perfected over the years; as well as through our ability to listen and understand what is in fact at stake during our mission.

An assignment is successful if we work as a partner to the company; this means that we must first assess its always specific needs, its environment, its development strategy and its decision making process.

Every assignment is unique to us. Our solutions are always tailored to find the most fitting choice for each client.

Executive Search is the core of our activity and we strive to participate in building up the very best teams. As a trusted partner of companies we also developed our skills in management audit and assessment to help them optimise their change management.

Client companies and organisations develop in an international environment, and so do we. Progress belongs to an international organisation connecting 35 countries across Europe, the Americas and Asia.

True to its name, Progress continues driving forward, with its richly experienced team federated by its values and strong commitment to client satisfaction.

We all remain inspired by our simply expressed intention: succeeding together.

Alain Prestat
Honorary Chairman

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