Progress Associés - Executive Search and recruitement - Practice Financial Services

Over the years, in an increasingly competitive environment, the Financial Services market has undergone significant changes: strategic, organizational and regulatory changes, technological transformations, new products and services.

Through the Financial Services Practice, Progress helps its clients cope with an increasingly pressing need of versatility and agility.

This Practice encompasses the following categories of players:

  • French and international insurance firms and health insurance companies, general and Life Insurance, private health insurance firms
  • Professional federations
  • Major brokerage firms
  • Provident institutions and pension funds
  • Private health insurance companies
  • Reinsurers
  • Aid & Assistance firms
  • Asset managers
  • Retail Banking
  • Investment Banking
  • Fintech and payment services

Thanks to its strong foothold in this sector, Progress understands and can support all types of governance methods. Our dedicated team is constantly in touch with the market, the organisations and the human resources, from promising young talent to top executives.

We are aware of our related industry practices and are supported by our expertise in various fields: banking, finance, information technology, retail, marketing, communication and information systems.

Progress is a recognised player in this market. Its steadfast presence in this sector, which represents a significant share of its business, reflects the constantly renewed trust of this market’s stakeholders.


Photo de Romain Girard

Romain Girard, Partner
Practice Leader Banking


Photo de Vanessa Dalas

Vanessa Dalas, Partner
Practice Leader Insurance


Sarah Lo Negro